Greetings White Lake Spring International & Sprint Participants,

If you would like to have an edited high resolution un-watermarked version of a photo, please send me a message here, an email, Facebook message or text and let me know.

Once you click the links below, you will open the proof gallery and you have decided which photos you would like. Please see the following instructions on how to request them.

·       You will see the CV4Q or IMG # below each snapshot and once you open the image, you will see it in the upper corner [CV4Q0000.jpg or IMG_0000].  

·       In your message, please let me know that the request is for the White Lake Spring International & Sprint and the image number(s).

·       For shots with multiple people, if you could let me know which person is the focus of the shot (if there is one).

·       For the awards shots, please let me know which event and age group it is, so I can add it to the bottom of the photo. I will be editing the awards ones to not have people in the background and the beach arch is fully displayed.

·       Please realize that these proofs are straight out of the camera, have no editing done and are formatted as low resolution images.  I will be color correcting, light balancing, cropping, blurring the background [if needed] and fully editing the photos. If you have any requests for the edits, please let me know and I will do my best to complete them.

Image cost will be $10 per image. For every 3 images bought, you will get 1 free.

Image turn-around time depends on my current workload, number of images requested and what edits are needed.  You will receive a message back with instructions on how to download the images.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

White Lake Spring International & Sprint (7-May-2023)

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